Mach Foreign Trade Distribution is one of the biggest industrial integrators on the Romanian market that focuses on offering factories and warehouses a wide range of industrial machines and complete automation solutions, transposed in production lines and automated solutions for warehouses.

Mach Foreign Trade Distribution provides industrial solutions since 1995 when it started with marking machines on all types of materials. Based on the market demand and on the collaboration opportunities with various European suppliers, Mach has expanded from Marking and Product Identification services to other fields such as Packaging, Automation and Robotics, Intralogistics and Engineering and Project Management. All these spheres of intervention have developed, resulting in the Mach Divisions.

Marking and Product Identification
Continuous inkjet
Drop on demand
Thermo transfer
Thermal inkjet
Pin marking
Print & apply labeling
Digital printing


Primary Packaging
Secondary Packaging
Tertiary Packaging

Automation and Robotics

Quality control
Automatic line controlling
Handling and pick & place
Robotized handling and palletizing


Inbound handling
Convey and transport
Storage and buffering
Case and piece picking
Sortation systems
Robotic systems
Outbound handling
AGV & AMR systems
Workstation systems

Engineering & project management

Project management
Mechanical design
Electrical design
Software design
Pneumatic design

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